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Military Internet Paper Makes a Splash via Twitter

Military Internet Paper Makes a Splash via Twitter.


Give Me A Man In Uniform

The Following is an article about Military Dating and the Love Affair we have with Men in Uniform.

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Liz Manny

Give Me a Man in Uniform

There is something romantic about dating a man in a uniform. Military men are so fit and a hero just for signing up to serve the people of his country. My how they make a woman’s heart race. If you have ever been in a relation with a man in uniform you know what I am talking about. So where can you find these singles men in the service? The same place you found this article. The Internet is full of military personals because it’s not easy to find military singles or date when you are serving. Military websites help make this task easier. and military singles are a match made in cyber heaven. Millions of members and growing, finding a perfect match is a few clicks away. FindingMilitaryDates is part of Tangowire trusted network of integrated sites giving members access to tons of great features and profiles of singles from around the globe. This site is secure and built with the privacy of its members in mind. No one will be able to spam you or have access to your private information.

Finding Military Dates has an advanced search criteria allowing members to search by age,location,and type of relationship. Helping narrow the search effort makes browsing profiles a snap. With 70 niche sites tangowire has a variety of members with a range of interest to help guide you to a single with much in common with you. Just sign up for free. You heard me I said free. Try this site if you are a military single or just adore them and we doubt you will be disappointed. Is also a great singles dating site for firefighter singles and police officer singles and the people who love men in uniform. Part of the same great dating system with Tangowire this site is a winner too.

Go Mobile with your Military Dating Now account

Singles in the military can now use mobile technology to find love from anywhere. part of the Tangowire online integrated network of dating sites now has go mobile which can connect singles to their website from any mobile phone. What’s so great about it? You can connect and reply to e-mail or send new e-mails while keeping your phone number private.  How cool is that? Nice for busy singles like those in the military who would like to connect to other singles while on the go.

You can sign up for for free and see what all the buzz is about.  You will be impressed with all it’s great site features including go mobile. (more…)

Virtual Dating on

Online dating is a practical option for busy or professional men and women who simply do not have time to meet other singles through traditional methods. has made it easier for singles in the military to date via dating sites with Virtual dating. How fun is that? You can pick an avatar or customize one with your own photograph. A Place to go? How about lunch in Paris or a tropical island. Talk about romantic. Dating Sites can be like entering another world, only this is the kind of world that can forever change you.
How about that for a first date. We love it. You can try virtual dating on all of  Tangowire’s network of dating sites on sites like, ContemporaryDates, IvoryandEbonyLove, BlackBeautyDates, or

More People using Dating Sites to find Love

More People use dating sites to find love today than ever before. If you are a Military single looking for a new love can be the place to start your search. With new features like virtual dating,mobile dating, and profile confirm we think you can find the love that you have been searching for with this military dating site. Try it for free. Just sign up and you are ready . Start your love story today.

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