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2011/10/10 12:50PM Military Dating found here. If you are looking for military dating but not sure which site is right for you this military dating site can help. This site is secure and built with the privacy of it’s members in mind.
Military Dating contains an advanced search criteria allowing members to search by age,location,and type of relationship. Helping narrow the search effort makes browsing profiles a snap. Unlike most sites your personal information remains private. We will never spam our member or allow others to do so.



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Help our wounded warriors

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Military Internet Paper Makes a Splash via Twitter

Military Internet Paper Makes a Splash via Twitter.

Our Heroes Deserve More Respect

Our heroes and their families are being subjected to attacks from groups calling themselves “Christians” at their funerals.  I recall Christ comforted those who lost their loved ones. This is just a sick way of getting attention for a cause by extremist and has nothing to do with Christ like behavior.  There is nothing more Christ-like than laying down your life for your brother. Our government say that these protest are not illegal but it certainly isn’t the christian thing to do. Just gutless wonders looking for their minute of fame at the expense of people in their darkest hour. I hope our media will not broadcast nor interview these sickos. Our Heroes and their families deserve better. Please don’t give these idiots the attention they so desperately seek.

Please support our military men and women and their families.

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