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Why 40 is the new 20~40 and Dating

12 Most Frolicsome Reasons Why 40 Is The New 20

!2 fun facts about 40 years and how closely they act like 20 year olds lately!

From Dating in your 40s to marriage.. why 40 is the new 20. Cute!!!




Back in The Saddle ~40 and Single Again

Back in The Saddle ~40 and Single Again. great post from a new blogger friend. If you are divorced and struggling you will love this story.

Is It safe over 40? Shock dating survey results

I just read an article in the Herald Sun and it’s the second one I’ve seen that says adults over 40 are more likely to have unprotected sex? Especially WOMEN? What?!!! Are you kidding me? Adults over 40 are on the rise contracting STDs as well. Well Duh!!! I am shocked

via Is It safe over 40? Shock dating survey results.

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